Municipal FOG Program Training

We offer in person onsite municipal training programs focused on creating and operating an EPA compliant fats, oils, & grease program.



Take Control of FOG in Your City!


Whether you need to create a FOG program or enhance your current FOG program, FOG BMP provides your municipality with all of the tools to be in full compliance with EPA standards.

Join the movement of municipalities from coast to coast who use FOG BMP to manage and automate all aspects of their FOG program.

How to Create a F.O.G. Management Program

Features & Tools

  • Profiles each FOG generating facility within your jurisdiction.
  • Profiles each facility’s grease trap(s) (Size, type, location, due date, etc…).
  • Profiles all licensed and approved waste haulers within your jurisdiction.
  • Profiles all licensed and approved disposal facilities.
  • Automated cleaning record submission with electronic cleaning logs for every facility.
  • Tracking and alerts for delinquent or missed grease trap cleanings.
  • Customizable FOG inspection form with NOVS, warnings, and fines.
  • Sewer overflow event log and hotspots reports.
  • Mass email communications to FOG generating facilities and waste haulers.
  • Custom fats, oils & grease best management plan for each facility.
  • Kitchen staff FOG training modules with certificates of completion.
  • Customized data reports for all reporting facilities and waste haulers.
  • Unlimited users within your municipality.
  • Fully functional from desktop, tablets, and smart phones.

Interactive Web-Based Application

FOG BMP provides comprehensive tools that allow municipalities to effectively manage FOG in their city.

Easy Step-By-Step One Time Setup

Organize all FSE’s in your jurisdiction in one platform. Includes detailed profiles of each facility’s Grease Separation Device.

Online Creation of Grease Separation Device Cleaning Records

Licensed Waste Haulers can create GSD Cleaning Records from any smart device in real time. Cleaning Records are instantly archived in the facility’s FOGBMP for easy access.

User Friendly Dashboard

Each User has their own custom dashboard designed for ease of use and simple navigation.

Written Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan

Food Service Establishment maintain compliance with their custom written plan based on national municipal FOG Control regulations.

Environmental City Programs

FOG BMP supports FOG Control Programs nation wide!

Our nations public sewer systems are being destroyed by FOG.

A Wall Street Journal Report states, “75% of all the sewers in America operate at 50% of their capacity due to FOG buildup in them.”

Because of this, cities all across the country are instituting FOG Control Programs in an effort to lessen the impact of fats, oils, and grease on the sewers.

FOG BMP was created to support these efforts by giving Municipalities, Food Service Establishments and Waste Haulers viable tools to help them comply with these regulations and achieve their objective.

Financial Impact

The Financial Impact

Save valuable resources

  • Save time and money by not having to create a FOG control program with all the various components on your own.
  • Easily engage your Food Service Establishments, Waste Haulers and other key stakeholders with your customized FOG program.
  • Implementation and adherence by your key stakeholders, combined with the municipal oversight that FOG BMP affords will greatly reduce the amount of grease that reaches the public sewer system resulting in reduced sewer cleaning expenses.
Compliance Impact

The Compliance Impact

Comprehensive oversight

  • Meets or exceeds the EPA National Pretreatment Program for controlling fats, oils & grease discharge from food service establishments.
  • Gives food service establishments and waste haulers the tools to interact and comply with your FOG control program regulations and objectives.
  • Compliance is maintained by linking all stakeholders together through one centralized platform under your management.
The Environmental Impact

The Sustainability Impact

Save our sewers & protect clean water

Supports your sustainability efforts by genuinely reducing the negative impact of FOG in your municipality.

  • Reduce sanitary sewer overflows
  • Protect clean water
  • Increase the efficiency of your waste water treatment plants

Take control of FOG in your city!

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