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Food Service Establishments

Increase Profits, Avoid Citations & Fines. Maintain Compliance with Your Local Municipal FOG Control Mandates.


Waste Haulers

Effectively Manage FOG for Your Customers.

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Food Service Establishments
Waste Haulers

Mismanaged Fats, Oils, and Grease is costing all of us money

  • Sewer System Overflows (SSO’s, CSO’s)
  • Clean Water Act Violations
  • Drain Line Backups & Grease Trap Overflows
  • Citations, Fines & Notices of Violation
  • Public Health Threats
Miami Dade County DERM

FOG BMP is a cost-saving program designed to help Municipal Regulators, Food Service Establishments, and Waste Haulers with the cumbersome task of managing all aspects of Fats, Oils, and Grease handling and compliance.  

FOG BMP Frog Leaf

FOG Management & Compliance
Made Easy and Affordable

Interactive Web-Based Application

FOGBMP provides comprehensive tools that allow restaurants, municipalities, and waste haulers to effectively manage FOG in their city.

Easy Step-By-Step One Time Setup

Organize all FSE’s in your jurisdiction in one platform. Includes detailed profiles of each facility’s Grease Separation Device.
Food Service Establishments
Easily create your custom plan. FOGBMP will keep your FSE on track and in compliance.
Waste Haulers
All your customers profiled in detail along with their service schedules.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Each User has their own custom dashboard designed for ease of use and simple navigation.

Online Creation of Grease Separation Device Cleaning Records

Licensed Waste Haulers can create GSD Cleaning Records from any smart device in real time.
Cleaning Records are instantly archived in the facility’s FOGBMP for easy access.

Written Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan

Food Service Establishments maintain compliance with their custom written plan based on national municipal FOG Control regulations.


FOGBMP provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage FOG and keep it out of our public sewers.

  • Kitchen Staff FOG Handling Training with Certification
  • Full Grease Separation Device (GSD) Profile with maintenance instructions
  • GSD Cleaning Log of Individual Records archived indefinitely
  • Complete Licensed Waste Hauler Profiles
  • Instructional Kitchen Signage to reinforce FOG handling workplace policies
  • Complete Written FOG BMP with Certification

Other Valuable Features

  • Easy Setup
  • User-friendly Dashboard to Manage Program
  • Custom Notifications
  • FOG Compliance Checklist
  • FOG Inspections
  • Organized Archive of All Data
  • Smart Device Access
Environmental City Programs

FOG BMP Supports FOG Control Programs Nationwide

Our nations public sewer systems are being destroyed by FOG.

A Wall Street Journal Report states, “75% of all the sewers in America operate at 50% of their capacity due to FOG buildup in them.”

Because of this, cities all across the country are instituting FOG Control Programs in an effort to lessen the impact of fats, oils, and grease on the sewers.

FOG BMP was created to support these efforts by giving Municipalities, Food Service Establishments and Waste Haulers viable tools to help them comply with these regulations and achieve their objective.

Improper handling of FOG results in costly plumbing expenses for Food Service Establishments

FOG BMP is the solution to these unwanted emergencies

pouring grease down drains
drain line backups
grease separation device overflows
expensive service calls

We have the solution for less than the cost of one emergency call

Financial Impact

The Financial Impact

Save & Increase Profits

  • Saves time and energy by not having to create a program on your own
  • Staff training for increased efficiency
  • Reduces expensive, unnecessary plumbing expenses caused by mismanaged FOG
  • Costs less than one emergency call
Compliance Impact

The Compliance Impact

Avoid Fines or Shutdown

  • Meets the government mandated requirements for a Written Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan
  • Guides you step-by-step through setup and implementation
  • Compliance is maintained through the use of our interactive website.
The Environmental Impact

The Sustainability Impact

Save & Increase Profits

  • Supports your sustainability efforts by genuinely reducing the negative impact of FOG.
  • Demonstrates your concern for preserving our public and recreational waterways
  • Creates a positive public image and increased customer loyalty

Need help managing your fats, oils, and grease?

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